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What Makes Us Different

What we do Monday, 21 March 2016 07:19

PHDI: The Rationale

Humanity develops, constantly, ever changing and continually transforms. However, disparities in resource allocation and socio-economic, political, religious and cultural norms may reduce the pace of one region compared to another. Initiatives such as PHDI lead to accelerated development by addressing the identified needs;

  • PHDI directs the community onto a desired path,
  • Enables adoption of skills, alternative and formal education opportunities by the community,
  • PHDI facilitates linkages between the community and development partners that promote community participation in national GDP,

PHDI Rational is Guided on the following Principles

  1. Supporting individuals and groups,
  2. Education & Skills training,
  3. Agriculture and Food security,
  4. Supporting Women & Vulnerable Groups,
  5. Provision of Accessible Health Care Services to Communities,
  6. Mentoring and Apprenticeship.