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Principles of the policy

Volunteering at PHDI Sunday, 06 May 2018 10:07

Our volunteer charter is underpinned by the following principles:

  • PHDI firmly believes that volunteers offer an extremely valuable contribution to the achievement of our mission.
  • Although PHDI does not use volunteers as a substitute for employing paid staff, we want to recognize their importance by actively encouraging and supporting them and ensuring that they are treated with fairness and consistency.
  • PHDI will ensure that volunteers are properly integrated into its work enabling them to make an effective contribution.
  • PHDI expects staff at all levels to work positively with volunteers and, where appropriate, actively seek to involve them in their work.
  • PHDI recognizes that volunteers require satisfying work and personal development opportunities and will seek to help volunteers meet these needs.
  • PHDI recognizes that volunteers often need flexible arrangements with regard to time and level of commitment and we will try to work within these constraints.


PHDI will use appropriate means to advertise for volunteers taking into account the principles of our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policies. Volunteer applicants will have to complete an application form (help can be given with this if necessary). The applicant may be required to have a short face-to-face/telephone interview. All voluntary roles will be clearly defined. If an applicant is not deemed suitable for the voluntary role for which they have applied, a co-ordinator may suggest an alternative role or the application will be declined.

If successful the applicant will be asked to sign a volunteer agreement, which acts as a safeguard for both the volunteer and PHDI. The agreement is not a formal contract.

Costs and Expenses

At this stage, PHDI has no resources available to fund participation of volunteers. We hope that in the future this will be possible as we value our volunteers and want to ensure that there are no barriers to volunteer. Therefore, airfares, insurance costs either for travelling or medical, costs an expenses of living are supported by the volunteer.


FOPHDI/PHDI will support volunteers to find out a safe lodging and board either in a home stay or in a guesthouse. In addition, the volunteer supervisor will support all volunteers and have regular meetings with them to discuss any problems or issues that may arise.

Volunteers’ voice

Volunteers are encouraged to express their views about matters concerning PHDI and its work. The first contact for these views is their volunteer supervisor.