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Health and Safety Policy

Volunteering at PHDI Sunday, 06 May 2018 16:00

PHDI regards the promotion of health, safety and welfare of its employees, volunteers, visitors and members of the public as a mutual objective for all PHDI’s employees.

PHDI believes that health and safety ranks equally with all other management responsibilities.

It is therefore PHDI’s policy to do all that is “reasonably practicable” to mitigate the risk of injury, ill health and / or damage and to maintain a safe and healthy working Environment.

PHDI commits itself to achieving full compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation as a minimum, along with a continuing improvement in standards.

PHDI shall:

  • Provide and maintain safe working conditions and methods of work.

  • Provide appropriate training, instructions, information and supervision relating to all
    work activities.

  • Consult, inform and involve employees and volunteers, either directly or via their representatives, in matters of health and safety whenever possible.

In turn, volunteers have a duty to co-operate in the spirit and operation of this policy by:

  • Working safely in accordance with relevant procedures and systems.
  • Reporting accidents and near misses.
  • Co-operating in all matters relating to health and safety.

This statement and the PHDI Health & Safety Policy and Procedures will be kept up to date with changes in statutes and working practices. Our policies, procedures and this statement will be reviewed annually or whenever work place changes occur which require their amendment.

A copy of PHDI’s Health & Safety Policy and Procedures Manual is available on request. If volunteers have any specific concerns relating to Health & Safety, they should discuss these with their volunteer co-ordinator at any time.

Personal Safety Guidelines

Personal safety is something that we all should be aware of. Here are some guidance notes which will be relevant to those of you who travel or give talks alone:

  • The most important aspect of safety if you are working alone is to ensure that you let other people know who you are meeting, when and where, so that someone is looking after your welfare.

  • It is advisable to set up a ‘buddy’ system where you contact someone everyday with an itinerary of who you are meeting and at what time.

  • It is also advisable to make a phone call when you set out telling someone at the other end of the line that you will get back to them at a certain time after the event is over. This acts as both an information call and a deterrent.

  • Be careful not to tell anyone that you will be travelling or visiting alone.

  • Do your own risk assessment when you arrive at a venue and do not let yourself be pressured into working practices that put your safety in danger.

  • Having said all that, the chances of anything happening are very remote, so please do not worry but it does pay to be aware.