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Equal Opportunities Policy

Volunteering at PHDI Sunday, 06 May 2018 15:53

PHDI is committed:

  1. to promoting equal opportunities and preventing discrimination. This Policy applies both to service delivery and its own employment practices.

  2. to opposing direct and indirect discrimination on the grounds of disability, ethnicity or national origin, colour, race, gender, marital status, domestic circumstances, age, religious beliefs, HIV status and sexual orientation.

PHDI recognizes there are groups in society who are disadvantaged through discrimination and will work to redress any inequality in its own service delivery and employment practices.

This Policy recognizes and incorporates the implications of legislation relating to equal opportunities. Nothing in this policy is intended to prevent PHDI from following best professional practice in recruiting the person most suitable for the job.

PHDI requires its employees, committee members and volunteers to behave in a non-discriminatory manner and expects their full support in changing any organizational practices which deny or limit equality. PHDI will take positive action and make reasonable adjustments as necessary, as a service provider and an employer, to uphold this policy.

PHDI recognizes the need to develop procedures to support the implementation of this Policy, for instance guidelines for those involved in recruitment and selection of staff.

PHDI recognizes that the Equal Opportunities Policy will require regular review.

Legal Requirements

The policy will be revised in line with changes in legislation, as appropriate.