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Data Protection Policy

Volunteering at PHDI Sunday, 06 May 2018 16:39

The Data Protection policy aims to protect information held about people and to enforce a particular set of standards when this information is processed. An individual has the right to ask what information is held about them and with certain exceptions to be supplied with a copy of this on request.

Staff and volunteer files are treated as confidential at all times. Every member of staff or volunteer may be granted reasonable access to the papers on their file and has the right to challenge information that he or she considers to be incorrect or misleading. It is not policy to disclose any references, either incoming or outgoing, unless written authority is obtained from the referee.

Volunteers should provide PHDI with current and accurate contact information, including phone number and address and the home phone number and address of the person you would wish to have notified in the event of an accident, illness or other emergency affecting you whilst volunteering.

You must ensure that no information concerning individuals (whether they be stakeholders, supporters, donors, staff or the general public) is made available to any person who does not have a demonstrable “need to know”. In all cases such information must not be made available to any person outside PHDI.