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Purpose and Vision

About PHDI Monday, 21 March 2016 10:56

PLAN FOR HUMINITY DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE was established with a main objective of offering sustainable and quality care and support to the marginalised communities of Kampala, Wakiso and Luwero. We envision a community that is provisioned with comprehensive care and support services that uplift their well being.


To bring about positive mandates for transformations among the youth for a better prosperous future.


To become a regional community service centre of choice caring for the underserved community by providing them comprehensive support and care services.


  • To uplift the social capacity of the community in and around Wakiso, Luwero & Kampala,
  • To involve the community in the relief activities and services of PHDI and its role in the future of the community,
  • To romote and develop improved access to medical services among children, mothers, and other socially vulnerable groups of community residents,
  • To improve the contribution towards economic development of the community through sustainability initiatives,
  • To ncourage the community's acceptance of the PHDI as a positive asset for residents and visitors,
  • Generation of a sense of ownership whilst retaining local distinctiveness, 
  • To improve the general health and well being of orphans and vulnerable children,
  • To promote social and economy development of the needy and the poor in the community,
  • To promote sustainable income generating activities in the community,
  • To mainstream gender and HIV/AIDS in the project activities,
  • To implement behavior change programs targeting youth and vulnerable children in the community.