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About PHDI Monday, 21 March 2016 10:57

PLAN FOR HUMANITY DEVELOPMENT INTIATIVE (PHDI) began as a concept in 2011 providing community services orphans and vulnerable children. In 2014 PHDI then transitioned into a non-profit social community project offering community services to the low-income population in and around Kampala, Wakiso and Luwero Districts. 

PHDI is non-profit organization made up of people from different professions, churches, and backgrounds who offer their gifts for greater social economic transformation. We began operations in 2016 initially providing basic healthcare services to rural communities in Wakiso Sub-County and around Wakiso District in Uganda.

As a group we quickly realised the need for economic empowerment of the community to more sustainably deal with the chronic ailments and devastation caused by loss of loved ones due to preventable and treatable ailments like malaria, water born infections, tuberculosis, aneamia and sexually transmitted infections. Furthermore, there was need for social relief, trauma mitigation and rehabilitation, teenage & youth friendly health services, AIDS and HIV medication, counselling and general community health services.

PLAN FOR HUMINITY DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE offers support to OVCS, youth and needy people in the community, supports education to orphans and other needy children in the community, rehabilitation, AIDS and HIV medication and community health support.

In mainstreaming gender PHDI project has promoted income generating activities targeting women at home women headed households in the community by bringing them together to initiate sustainable economic projects to support their families. With a broad aim of being a regional community service centre offering quality services to the community of Kampala, Wakiso and Luwero districts and Uganda as a nation, PLAN FOR HUMINITY DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE is addressing the social needs of the less economically privileged population of the community.

The PHDI team has developed a strategic plan based on an integrated approach that shall uplift the community of Wakiso District through empowering the women, educating the children and engaging the youth in productive activities. Through social-economic interventions such as these, we envision a bright and prosperous future for Wakiso and Uganda as a whole. These interventions span across;

  1. Agriculture
  2. Health Care
  3. Education
  4. Vocational Skills Training
  5. Apprenticeship
  6. Exposure & Benchmarking
  7. Motivational Talks
  8. Counselling
  9. Environmental Conservation
  10. Outreach Programmes
  11. Capacity Building

At PHDI we believe that mobilizing the community to be an active change agent is key to our success. We believe that activating and equipping the community as change agents among all the domains of life (education, health care, business, media, the arts/culture, etc.) shall work towards lasting transformation and development in their domains.

Plan for Humanity Development Initiative is therefore an organisation that looks forward to the future, keeps in mind the concerns of the present and has learnt the necessary lessons of the past. We strive to work with the community, development partners and well-wishers to further our objectives and thereby improve the livelihoods of the community of Wakiso.

Start with Wakiso, impact the world! (PHDI saying :))

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